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A very warm welcome to my blog. My blog will feature topics intellectually stimulating and diffirent. It will be a mix of interesting topics that we all may wonder about in our daily lives. Psychology, Sociology, Sexuality, Philosophy, Science, Astronomy, History, Geography, etc are some of the topics that I will be blogging about. My readers are welcome to engage with ideas and comments. Thank You, for embarking on my new adventure with me.

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What is time?

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole. It measures in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Time can be described as alloted, available, or used.

Bottomline, if it weren’t for time, the world wouldn’t be as organised as it is in modern life. Humans are beings of habit and routine. As soon as we slack so to speak in our daily routines and habits, we become physically and emotionally drained. Depression sets in and nothing feels worthwhile anymore. Therefor we should be keeping a healthy balance between certain aspects of our daily lives as a good habit. In modern life we don’t seem to realize these changes that we display in our behaviour if not pointed out by concerned members of our social groups.

We all lose track of time, all the time. It isn’t unusual when life gets way to busy with work, obligations, projects, health related issues, relationships, etc. Before you know it another year at varsity is over. Another year of enriching your mind or those of eager students is done and dusted. Another year has passed that your nephews of nieces have grown so much more into little humans, almosty ready for pre-school. There are so many things that time enables us to experience every day.

Time gives, Time takes away, Time anticipates, Time shares stories, Time makes the world go around. Time is the richest storyteller of all.

A thought to live by…

As you gaze at the stars tonight wherever you may find yourself on Earth…If each and every star and planet in the universe in the greater outerspace was but one second. Imagine how vast and endless time really is. Even more exciting so is that each of us have an important role to fill. Yes, even if you reading my article, as a stay at home mother or father, have to take your children to school every day, and, see them grow up to be amazingly beautiful people in character and soul…Please remeber that you have spent your time for a great purpose and it wasn’t wasted.

Giving a bit of your time away for a good cause even if just for a moment, with the best intentions will come back to you in the most unexpected and beautiful ways.

Kind Regards,